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over 3 years ago

Today's the day!

Hi Everyone,

Today's the day! We are so excited to kick off the event and give a platform to your creativity while solving a global problem.

Just some things and FAQs we'd like to run past real quick.

  • Make sure to have signed up to the slack.
  • Teams need to finalized by 5 pm today, check the #formingateam channel for potential teammates.
  • Teams are 7 people max.
  • Participants are only eligible for prizes if they are residents of Australia. We cannot guarantee you a prize if you're not.

The kickoff webinar starts at 6 pm and the zoom meeting link will be posted on the #general channel.

At 7:30 we have a guest webinar from one of our judges and we highly recommend everyone to attend that.

If you have any more questions or want to stay tuned for more updates, find us on slack (linked above).

Happy Hacking!

The Hack The Crisis Australia Team