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over 3 years ago

Team Formation Guidelines: Hack The Crisis

Hey Everyone,

The hack's less than a week away and we're loving the amount of support we're getting from everyone. To aid everyone participating, you all will be required to team up with your fellow hackers and it's great to see some of you already doing it! 

Team formation is taking place on our slack workspace. This is a kind reminder to sign up for it, as it's the main form of contact you'll have with us during the hack and it is a compulsion for those participating. 

After you've signed up, read through all of the pinned posts in the various channels. #formingateam is the channel where participants are meant to be introducing themselves and forming partnerships.

I'd like to encourage everyone else to do the same and find likeminded people! Your amazing team can consist of up to 6 people and make sure that you have a good blend of people from all backgrounds. It's always a great idea to have the golden triangle (but not limited to it, you do not have to strictly fall in any of these).
  • Hackers: Who know how to build anything! (Engineering, Software Dev, Health)
  • Hustlers: Who know how to sell anything! (Business, Economics)
  • Hipsters: Who know how to make anything look good! (Designers, Artists)

Once you've gathered together people you'd like to work with, go ahead and create a Private channel for your team in the slack workspace and let the ideation begin!

A detailed schedule for the hack will be released in the coming days via email and slack.

We look forward to e-meeting you all this Friday!

Happy Hacking!

The Hack The Crisis Australia Team